Acne Treatment

Acne, a persistent skin condition, occurs when hair follicles are obstructed by dead skin cells and oils, resulting in inflamed spots that can lead to scarring. It is not limited to teenagers and affects individuals of all ages. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of effective treatments through our dependable and safe service, ensuring you find relief from acne-related concerns.

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✅ Treats severe acne effectively
✅ Improves skin’s appearance
✅ Reduces inflammation effectively
✅ Promotes skin healing process
✅ Regulates sebum production

contains Isotretinoin



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✅ Treats bacterial infections effectively
✅ Targets diverse bacteria types
✅ Acts rapidly
✅ Halts infection spread
✅ Enhances life quality

contains Doxycycline


Retino A Cream

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✅ Unclogs pores effectively
✅ Minimizes acne breakouts
✅ Reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation
✅ Enhances skin shedding
✅ Boosts skin texture, appearance

Retino A Cream contains Tretinoin


Retino Ac Gel

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✅ Reduces skin inflammation
✅ Prevents new acne formation
✅ Controls bacterial growth
✅ Promotes dead skin shedding
✅ Enhances skin appearance

contains Clindamycin & Tretinoin



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✅ Treats various bacterial infections
✅ Combats stomach ulcer bacteria
✅ Inhibits harmful bacteria growth
✅ Easy oral administration
✅ Customizable dosage options

Synclar contains Clarithromycin



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✅ Lessens bacterial load
✅ Combats infections
✅ Versatile against types

Cendox contains Doxycycline



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✅ Treats various bacterial infections
✅ Improves skin appearance, acne
✅ Manages respiratory, urinary infections
✅ Eases sexually transmitted infection
✅ Aids immune bacterial clearance

contains Minocycline