Cough & Cold Medicine

The common cold is a widespread occurrence, especially during the winter months, leading to symptoms like coughs, blocked noses, and sore throats. Although the illness is generally not severe or life-threatening, it can result in missed work and a feeling of fatigue. To alleviate symptoms and boost your well-being until the cold subsides, MedsBase offers effective solutions.

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✅ Treats various bacterial infections
✅ Combats stomach ulcer bacteria
✅ Inhibits harmful bacteria growth
✅ Easy oral administration
✅ Customizable dosage options

Synclar contains Clarithromycin



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✅ Treats Bacterial Infections Broadly
✅ Allergy-Friendly Antibiotic Option
✅ Prevents Strep Infections
✅ Easy Dosage Administration

Althrocin contains Erythromycin



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✅ Dual Action Mechanism
✅ Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
✅ Resistant Bacteria Combatant
✅ Convenient Dosage

Augmentin contains Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid