Threadworm Treatment

Threadworms, or pinworms, are minuscule parasites that infest the large intestine and can be detected in stool samples. They are particularly common in young children and may cause itching around the anus.

Fortunately, treating threadworms is straightforward, and a single dose of threadworm medicine can clear the infection. It is important to treat the entire household. Shop now on MedsBase for fast, reliable, and friendly service to address this issue effectively.

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ABD 400 (Albendazole)

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✅ Treats parasitic infections
✅ Eliminates intestinal worms
✅ Improves digestive health
✅ Prevents worm re-infestation
✅ Safe for children

ABD 400 contains Albendazole



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✅ Treats Various Worm Infections
✅ Enhances Nutrient Absorption
✅ For All Ages
✅ Symptom Relief Included
✅ User-Friendly Administration

Lupimeb contains Mebendazole