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Our Mission

MedsBase was founded with the belief that safe and affordable medicines should be accessible to everyone. For those without insurance or with high-deductible plans, the exorbitant costs of even basic medications can pose a significant challenge. Many individuals find themselves spending substantial amounts each month just to maintain their health. It’s an unfortunate reality that no one should have to endure or, worse, face health risks due to the inability to afford essential prescription medications.

Even for those fortunate enough to have health insurance with a low deductible, the escalating prices of drugs contribute to higher premiums, making the acquisition of health insurance a costly and difficult endeavor. MedsBase is committed to tackling these issues head-on.

In the United States, disadvantaged populations often grapple with widespread outbreaks of conditions like hookworm. The prescribed drug for hookworm, Albendazole, can carry a staggering price tag of up to $500 per course, placing it out of reach for many who desperately need it.

Our mission at MedsBase is to significantly slash the costs of drugs such as Albendazole, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of insurance coverage, has an equal opportunity to access essential treatments. We started MedsBase as an effort to disrupt the drug industry and to do our best to end ridiculous drug prices. We appreciate your support and welcome your thoughts on our mission!

MedsBase is an online pharmacy tailored to adults aiming to enhance their health or address health issues conveniently from home, providing a distinct advantage of saving up to 90% compared to local prices. We believe that high-quality medications should be accessible to everyone. With us, you can rest assured that your health is in safe hands.

All medications provided by MedsBase are sourced from reputable Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers, possessing approvals from the Indian FDA as well as export permissions to most countries globally.

We offer international shipping to a wide range of countries. If your country is not listed during the checkout process, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly check if it is possible to process your order and accommodate your shipping needs.

Quality patient care and prescription treatments shouldn’t be inconvenient or costly. MedsBase offers the treatments you need from the comfort of your home at affordable prices. No in-person doctor visits, no waiting for appointments, and no more awkward moments.

No prescription is required to use our service. However, we strongly recommend consulting with your physician before placing an order. Our aim is to assist individuals who have already received a consultation from their doctor and are seeking cost-effective alternatives in the form of generic products with the same active ingredients.

We accept payment for your orders through Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, popular cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers.

While we primarily ship products directly from our warehouse in India, please note that depending on the inventory situation, your order may also be shipped from another country. Rest assured, we will ensure timely delivery regardless of the source.

Currently, the flat shipping fee stands at $7 (6 Euro). Once your order has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided to you for easy monitoring of your package.

Choose your desired treatment, add the appropriate product to your cart, complete the payment, and we will swiftly process your order. You will receive a tracking number for your convenience, and your order will be delivered to you. Say goodbye to doctor visits and queues, and enjoy the ease of ordering from your smartphone.