Hydrocort 100 Injection

Hydrocort 100 Injection

✅ Rapid anti-inflammatory action
✅ Relieves severe allergies swiftly
✅ Treats adrenal insufficiency effectively
✅ Manages acute asthma attacks
✅ Alleviates rheumatic disorders

Hydrocort 100 Injection contains Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate.

Product Overview

Hydrocort 100 Injection is a medication containing the active ingredient Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate. It is a synthetic glucocorticoid that mimics the action of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Hydrocort 100 Injection is available as a sterile solution for intravenous or intramuscular administration. It is commonly prescribed by healthcare professionals for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.


Hydrocort 100 Injection is indicated for the treatment of various inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, asthma, dermatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. It is also used to manage allergic reactions, severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), and adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease). Additionally, Hydrocort 100 Injection may be administered to patients undergoing certain medical procedures or surgeries to prevent or treat inflammation and allergic reactions.

How to Use

Hydrocort 100 Injection is typically administered by healthcare professionals in a hospital or clinical setting. The dosage and route of administration depend on the patient’s medical condition, severity of symptoms, and response to treatment. The injection is given intravenously for rapid onset of action or intramuscularly for sustained effect. Patients should follow the healthcare provider’s instructions carefully when using Hydrocort 100 Injection.

How it Works

Hydrocort 100 Injection contains Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate, which acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent. It works by inhibiting the production of inflammatory mediators and suppressing the activity of immune cells. Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation by blocking the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes, thereby alleviating symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions and allergic reactions.

Dosage and Administration

The dosage of Hydrocort 100 Injection varies depending on the patient’s age, weight, medical condition, and response to treatment. It is usually administered as an intravenous infusion or intramuscular injection under the supervision of a healthcare professional. The initial dose and frequency of administration are determined by the healthcare provider based on the severity of symptoms and the desired therapeutic effect. Dosage adjustments may be made during treatment to maintain optimal control of inflammation and minimize side effects.


Hydrocort 100 Injection offers several benefits in the management of inflammatory conditions, allergic reactions, and adrenal insufficiency. It provides rapid relief from symptoms such as pain, swelling, redness, itching, and difficulty breathing associated with inflammation and allergies. Hydrocort 100 Injection also helps to restore hormonal balance in patients with adrenal insufficiency, improving energy levels, mood, and overall well-being. By suppressing the immune response, Hydrocort 100 Injection reduces the risk of complications and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments for inflammatory disorders.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects of Hydrocort 100 Injection may include nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, and changes in appetite. These side effects are usually mild and temporary, resolving with continued use or dosage adjustment. However, more serious side effects such as allergic reactions, gastrointestinal bleeding, hypertension, and hyperglycemia may occur and require immediate medical attention. Patients should report any unusual or persistent side effects to their healthcare provider promptly.


Hydrocort 100 Injection should be used with caution in patients with a history of allergic reactions to corticosteroids or any of the ingredients in the medication. It may interact with other medications, including anticoagulants, antidiabetic drugs, and immunosuppressants, increasing the risk of adverse effects or reducing the efficacy of treatment. Hydrocort 100 Injection may also suppress the body’s natural immune response, increasing the risk of infection. Patients should be monitored closely for signs of infection and instructed to report any symptoms to their healthcare provider.

Storage Information

Hydrocort 100 Injection should be stored at room temperature, away from heat and moisture. It should be protected from light and kept out of the reach of children and pets. Do not freeze Hydrocort 100 Injection or store it in the refrigerator. Discard any unused portion of the medication according to local regulations.


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