Emeset 4 ODT

✅ Alleviates nausea swiftly
✅ Prevents vomiting episodes
✅ Dissolves quickly in mouth
✅ Suitable for children
✅ Eases chemotherapy discomfort

Emeset 4 ODT contains Ondansetron.

Product Overview

Emeset 4 ODT is a medication containing the active ingredient Ondansetron (4mg) in the form of orally disintegrating tablets. It is specially formulated to provide fast relief from nausea and vomiting. The unique orally disintegrating tablet formulation allows for easy administration without the need for water, making it convenient for patients on the go.


Emeset 4 ODT is commonly prescribed to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. It works by blocking the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in triggering nausea and vomiting. This medication is also used to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery and in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

How to Use

To use Emeset 4 ODT, simply place the tablet on the tongue, where it will quickly dissolve without the need for water. It can be taken with or without food. If you are using the medication for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, take it as directed by your doctor, usually 30 minutes before treatment. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully for the best results.

How it Works

Ondansetron, the active ingredient in Emeset 4 ODT, works by blocking the action of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can trigger nausea and vomiting when it binds to receptors in the digestive system and the brain. By inhibiting the action of serotonin, ondansetron helps prevent nausea and vomiting, providing relief to patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery.

Dosage and Administration

The usual dose of Emeset 4 ODT for preventing nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy is 8 mg taken 30 minutes before treatment, followed by additional doses every 8 hours for 1 to 2 days after treatment. For preventing nausea and vomiting after surgery, the usual dose is 16 mg taken 1 hour before anesthesia. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding dosage and administration.


  • Fast relief from nausea and vomiting
  • Convenient orally disintegrating tablet formulation
  • Effective for preventing nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery
  • Can be taken with or without food
  • Well-tolerated with few side effects

Common Side Effects

Common side effects of Emeset 4 ODT may include headache, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, and drowsiness. These side effects are usually mild and temporary. If any of these side effects persist or worsen, contact your doctor for further guidance.

Common Concerns

Common concerns associated with Emeset 4 ODT therapy include the risk of allergic reactions, especially in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to ondansetron or other medications. If you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as rash, itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.


Emeset 4 ODT should be used with caution in patients with liver disease or a history of heart rhythm disorders. It may prolong the QT interval, increasing the risk of serious arrhythmias. Inform your doctor of any pre-existing medical conditions or medications you are taking before starting treatment with Emeset 4 ODT.

Storage Information

Store Emeset 4 ODT tablets at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets. Do not use Emeset 4 ODT after the expiration date printed on the packaging. Proper storage ensures the stability and effectiveness of the medication.


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