✅ Reliable contraception
✅ Regulates menstrual cycle
✅ Reduces menstrual cramps
✅ Lowers menstrual flow
✅ Decreases acne symptoms

Loette contains Levonorgestrel.

Product Overview

Loette is a medication containing the active ingredient Levonorgestrel. It is a combined oral contraceptive pill used to prevent pregnancy. Loette works by preventing ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary) and thickening the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to reach the egg. It also alters the lining of the uterus, making it less likely for a fertilized egg to implant. Loette comes in tablet form and is typically taken once daily at the same time each day.


Loette is primarily used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. It is highly effective when taken correctly, with a failure rate of less than 1% per year. In addition to contraception, Loette may also be prescribed to regulate menstrual cycles, reduce menstrual cramps, and treat acne in some women. It is not intended to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so additional barrier methods such as condoms should be used for that purpose.

How to Use

Loette tablets should be taken orally with water, preferably at the same time each day to maintain consistency. Start by taking one tablet on the first day of your menstrual period. Continue taking one tablet daily for 21 days, then take a seven-day break before starting the next pack. It is important to follow the prescribed regimen closely to maximize effectiveness. If you miss a dose, refer to the package insert for instructions on what to do, as this may vary depending on the timing and number of missed pills.

How it Works

Levonorgestrel, the active ingredient in Loette, primarily works by inhibiting ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary. It also thickens the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to reach the egg, and alters the uterine lining, making it less conducive for implantation. These mechanisms collectively prevent pregnancy by targeting multiple stages of the reproductive process.

Dosage and Administration

The standard dosage of Loette is one tablet taken orally once daily for 21 consecutive days, followed by a seven-day break. It is essential to take the tablets in the correct order and at the same time each day to maintain efficacy. If switching from another contraceptive method, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for timing the transition. Always use additional barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms, if you miss a dose or experience vomiting or diarrhea.


The primary benefit of Loette is its high effectiveness in preventing pregnancy when taken correctly. It offers women a convenient and reliable method of birth control that does not require daily monitoring or intervention. In addition to contraception, Loette may offer secondary benefits such as regulation of menstrual cycles, lighter periods, and reduced menstrual cramps. Some women may also experience improvements in acne while taking Loette.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects associated with Loette may include nausea, breast tenderness, headache, irregular bleeding or spotting between periods, and mood changes. These side effects are usually mild and transient, resolving on their own within a few months of starting the medication. However, if these symptoms persist or worsen, or if you experience severe side effects such as chest pain, vision changes, or severe headaches, seek medical attention promptly.


Women who smoke, especially those over the age of 35, are at increased risk of serious cardiovascular side effects, such as heart attack and stroke, when using Loette or other combined hormonal contraceptives. Loette may also increase the risk of blood clots, particularly in women with other risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, or a history of thromboembolic events. It is important to discuss your medical history and any risk factors with your healthcare provider before starting Loette.

Storage Information

Store Loette tablets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets. Do not store Loette in the bathroom or near the kitchen sink, as moisture and heat can affect its stability. Check the expiration date on the packaging and discard any expired or unused tablets properly.


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