✅ Lowers cholesterol effectively
✅ Reduces heart disease risk
✅ Protects blood vessels
✅ Improves cardiovascular health
✅ Increases “good” HDL cholesterol

Rozucor contains Rosuvastatin.

Product Overview

Rozucor is a medication containing the active ingredient Rosuvastatin, a statin drug used to lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. As a member of the statin class, Rozucor works by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which plays a key role in cholesterol synthesis in the liver. By reducing cholesterol production and increasing the liver’s ability to remove LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol from the blood, Rozucor helps improve overall lipid profile and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Rozucor is primarily used to treat hypercholesterolemia, a condition characterized by elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is indicated for individuals with high LDL cholesterol levels, those with mixed dyslipidemia, and those with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. By lowering LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides while increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, Rozucor helps reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

How to Use

Rozucor is typically taken orally once daily, with or without food, as directed by a healthcare provider. The tablets should be swallowed whole with a glass of water and should not be crushed, chewed, or broken. It is essential to follow the prescribed dosage and regimen consistently to achieve optimal results. If a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as remembered, unless it is close to the next scheduled dose, in which case the missed dose should be skipped.

How it Works

The active ingredient in Rozucor, Rosuvastatin, works by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which plays a crucial role in cholesterol synthesis in the liver. By blocking this enzyme, Rozucor reduces the production of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while simultaneously increasing the clearance of LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. Additionally, it promotes the synthesis of HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol that helps remove excess cholesterol from the arteries, thereby reducing the risk of plaque buildup and cardiovascular events.

Dosage and Administration

The recommended dosage of Rozucor may vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of hypercholesterolemia, medical history, and response to treatment. Typically, the initial dose ranges from 5 to 40 mg once daily, with adjustments made based on lipid levels and treatment goals. Regular monitoring of lipid profiles and liver function is often conducted to ensure safety and efficacy. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by a healthcare provider regarding dosage and administration.


The primary benefit of Rozucor is its ability to effectively lower LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL cholesterol levels, thereby improving overall lipid profile and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. By promoting a favorable lipid balance, Rozucor helps protect against atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke, leading to better heart health and improved quality of life for individuals with hypercholesterolemia.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects associated with Rozucor may include headache, muscle pain or weakness, nausea, abdominal discomfort, and constipation. These side effects are usually mild and transient, resolving with continued use or dose adjustment. However, in rare cases, Rozucor may cause more severe adverse reactions such as liver damage, muscle breakdown, or allergic reactions. Any persistent or concerning side effects should be reported to a healthcare professional promptly.


Rozucor should not be used in individuals with active liver disease or unexplained persistent elevations in liver enzymes. It is also contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with hypersensitivity to Rosuvastatin or any component of the medication. Caution is advised when using Rozucor in conjunction with certain medications or substances that may interact with its metabolism or increase the risk of side effects. Patients should be monitored regularly for signs of liver dysfunction and muscle injury while taking Rozucor.

Storage Information

Store Rozucor tablets at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets. Do not use Rozucor beyond the expiration date printed on the packaging.


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