Scabiheal Lotion

✅ Heals Scabies Fast
✅ Soothes Itchy Skin
✅ Prevents Skin Infection
✅ Promotes Skin Regeneration
✅ Easy to Apply

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Product Overview

Scabiheal Lotion is a medication containing the active ingredients Gamma Benzene Hexachloride and Cetnimide. Formulated specifically to target scabies and related skin conditions, this lotion serves as an effective solution against parasitic infestations.


Scabiheal Lotion is primarily used to treat scabies, a skin condition caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. It’s also effective in addressing other skin infections and irritations where the active ingredients are beneficial.

How it Works

Gamma Benzene Hexachloride functions as a pediculicide and a scabicide. It kills the Sarcoptes scabiei mites and their eggs, helping to alleviate the infestation on the skin. Cetnimide, on the other hand, acts as an antiseptic, further cleansing the skin and preventing secondary bacterial infections that can arise from scratching.

Dosage and Administration

Thoroughly wash and dry the affected area. Apply a thin layer of Scabiheal Lotion, ensuring it covers the entire affected region. Leave it on for the duration prescribed by the physician, typically 8-14 hours, before washing it off. Ensure you follow the doctor’s guidance on the frequency and duration of use.


  • Effectively kills the Sarcoptes scabiei mites and their eggs.
  • Helps prevent secondary bacterial infections.
  • Alleviates itching and irritation associated with scabies.

Common Side Effects

Some individuals might experience:

  • Mild skin irritation.
  • Itching or redness at the application site.
  • Sensation of burning.

It’s important to notify your physician if any of these side effects persist or become bothersome.


  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and other mucous membranes.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Scabiheal Lotion, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek medical advice before using the lotion.

Storage Information

Store Scabiheal Lotion at room temperature, shielded from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.


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Lindane (Gamma Benzene Hexachloride)


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