Trivastal LA

✅ Enhances dopamine function
✅ Alleviates Parkinson’s symptoms
✅ Improves motor function
✅ Reduces rigidity and tremors
✅ Increases mobility

Trivastal LA contains Piribedil.

Product Overview

Trivastal LA is a medication containing the active ingredient piribedil. It is a dopamine agonist primarily used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and restless legs syndrome (RLS). Trivastal LA is formulated as a long-acting tablet designed to provide sustained release of the medication over an extended period, offering prolonged symptom relief with once-daily dosing. By targeting dopamine receptors in the brain, Trivastal LA helps improve motor function and alleviate the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and RLS, enhancing patients’ quality of life.


Trivastal LA is indicated for the management of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by tremors, stiffness, and difficulty with movement. It is also used to relieve symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS), a condition characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs, often accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Trivastal LA helps reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms, allowing patients to better control their movements and experience improved sleep quality.

How to Use

Trivastal LA tablets should be taken orally, swallowed whole with a glass of water, and should not be crushed, chewed, or broken. The dosage and frequency of administration will be determined by your healthcare provider based on your medical condition and response to treatment. It is typically taken once daily, preferably in the morning with food to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal upset. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and do not adjust your dose without consulting them first.

How it Works

Piribedil, the active ingredient in Trivastal LA, is a dopamine agonist that acts on dopamine receptors in the brain. It works by stimulating dopamine receptors, particularly dopamine D2 and D3 receptors, leading to increased dopamine activity in certain areas of the brain involved in motor control and movement regulation. By enhancing dopaminergic transmission, Trivastal LA helps alleviate the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and RLS, such as tremors, rigidity, and involuntary movements.

Dosage and Administration

The recommended dosage of Trivastal LA varies depending on the individual patient’s condition and response to treatment. Your healthcare provider will determine the appropriate dose and frequency of administration. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage regimen and not exceed the recommended dose to minimize the risk of adverse effects. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember, but do not double up on doses to make up for a missed dose. Contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about dosing.


Trivastal LA offers several benefits for patients with Parkinson’s disease and restless legs syndrome. It helps improve motor function, reduce stiffness and tremors, and alleviate the uncomfortable sensations associated with RLS, promoting better sleep quality and overall well-being. The long-acting formulation of Trivastal LA provides sustained symptom relief with once-daily dosing, enhancing patient convenience and compliance with treatment.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects associated with the use of Trivastal LA may include nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and gastrointestinal upset. These side effects are usually mild to moderate in severity and transient, resolving on their own as your body adjusts to the medication. However, if any side effects persist or worsen, contact your healthcare provider for further guidance. In some cases, Trivastal LA may cause more serious side effects such as hallucinations, confusion, or orthostatic hypotension. Seek medical attention if you experience any unusual or severe symptoms.


Before using Trivastal LA, inform your healthcare provider if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, liver impairment, or psychiatric disorders. Use caution when driving or operating machinery, as Trivastal LA may cause drowsiness or dizziness, which can impair your ability to perform certain tasks safely. Avoid alcohol consumption while taking this medication, as it may exacerbate certain side effects. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using Trivastal LA.

Storage Information

Store Trivastal LA tablets at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Keep the medication in its original packaging and out of reach of children and pets. Do not use Trivastal LA beyond the expiration date printed on the label. Proper storage helps maintain the effectiveness and safety of the medication.


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